+Impact School is a fully accredited, independent high school at Lake Tahoe, CA designed to give students the tools they need to flourish in college and beyond.

Our vision is to reinvent education, to re-think what a school looks and feels like, to dare to disrupt the educational status quo and to redefine what students and teachers can do to realize their full potential and impact the world around them.

+Impact School is at the forefront of the personalized education revolution

Today, the world's economy is fundamentally different than it was just a generation ago, and the pace of change is only accelerating. Schools designed for a different era are now failing our children.

So we've worked with educational experts to develop a better, more effective and innovative approach designed for the new economy.

We start with a solid academic foundation that rivals the best independent schools – but we don't stop there. We use the best research-supported methods and technologies to move students beyond traditional classroom and "book" learning with a more personalized, hands-on, project-based approach that focuses on building character and interpersonal skills forged through fieldwork and adventure.

+Impact Study to Yosemite

The educational experience of a lifetime

+IMPACT is an expedition-based learning experience; we focus on fun and engaging problem-solving challenges – called “+Impact Studies” – that extend the definition of a classroom out to the real world.

It's much, much more than occasional field trips or travel-abroad programs. Your child will spend 30+ days in the field, actively engaging with experts on incredible projects and adventures that will challenge them in unexpected ways.

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The power of constructive adversity


Constructive adversity is an educational approach that's designed to build character and self-reliance in your son or daughter – attributes they'll need to succeed in college, career and life, including adaptability, collaboration and resilience.

We continually give our students fun and immersive challenges that push them beyond their emotional, physical, intellectual, social and geographic comfort zones, to expand their boundaries and exceed their own expectations – without ever crossing the line into unproductive fear or frustration (the "freak out zone").

It's the foundation of our school and what sets us apart.

Learning outside one's comfort zone isn't always easy. But "comfortable" isn't what makes greatness. No one rises to the easy. They rise to the challenge.

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Art Class at +Impact School

Radical personalization

At +Impact, student learning is self-paced, accelerated and engaging. Your child takes personal responsibility for his or her own learning plan.

Our classes are dynamically and appropriately sized based on the needs of each student at that moment – typically 3 to 5 kids working together at the same pace with a teacher on a particular topic.

Our teachers are more than just subject matter experts; they partner with your child to help curate what they’re learning, and to inspire, challenge and encourage them.

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Who attends +Impact School?

Our students are intellectually curious, with aspirations that aren't just about getting into the best colleges and universities, but are also about proving what they can do by making a positive impact on the world.

Our families include Tahoe and Reno natives who are looking for a world-class private school education for their children, with peers who share similar goals and values.

Our school also includes Bay Area families who are looking for an educational experience they can't get at home – not just the incredible lifestyle that Tahoe affords, but also one that's less about the flash of wealth and more about true values that produce more grounded, happier and successful children.

With an easy drive and daily, non-stop flights from Truckee, many of our families maintain friend, family and business ties in the Bay Area.


Schedule a visit and see for yourself how an +Impact School education will prepare your child academically, emotionally and socially to tackle even the toughest challenges and create positive impacts on the world.

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