+Impact School is a fully accredited, independent high school at Lake Tahoe, CA designed to give students the tools they need to flourish in college and beyond.

Welcome From the School Leadership

Our creation of the +Impact School, a 9th -12th grade school at Tahoe Expedition Academy, derives from our continuous efforts to improve student learning in the areas of academics, character, adventure and +impact. When we say “+Impact”, we mean a positive impact on the students in our school, on our community, on education nationally, and on the world at large.

At +Impact, we are privileged to be able to focus our attention on becoming the best school we can be in Tahoe and also on making a larger positive impact on the world. We are proud of our growing out of the Tahoe Expedition Academy’s tradition of progressive academics and character education.

Our school exists because inside every one of us – students, teachers and parents alike – there is a need to go beyond what may be possible; there is a need to realize our innate potential as individuals and as members of our community. We know from both history and experience that achieving one’s true potential can only come from pushing oneself to the edge and to the boundary of our comfort zone.

Our school is thriving because we want to do good for ourselves and for those around us. There is the need to use our privilege as a launching off point to reinvent education, to re-think what a school looks like and feels like, to perhaps disrupt the educational status quo and to redefine what students and teachers can do to impact the world around them.

We are so excited to introduce our new +Impact School, to welcome new and returning faces into our community and to continue to see our students cultivate their intellect, character, and confidence as they engage with real-life experiences and authentic learning environments. And to send them into the world academically prepared for anything, ready to meet adversity head-on, and to make their +Impact in college and on the world.

Here’s to a fantastic school year at +Impact!

With enthusiasm,

Mark Kushner, Head of School
Taylor Simmers, Co-Founder
Ryan Aldrich, Upper School Director


Building upon the solid foundation of Tahoe Expedition Academy (TEA), an independent Pre-K-8th grade school founded in 2011, and Tahoe Expedition Academy High School, which began in 2013, +Impact School at Tahoe Expedition Academy is a new, updated version of the existing high school.

Founded by the TEAm and Mark Kushner, CEO and proven educational innovator, in 2016, +Impact School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Partnering with educational powerhouses like Stanford University, Summit Basecamp (with a platform created by Facebook), among others, +Impact School is at the forefront of the personalized educational revolution.

The school looks forward to the continued development and successes of its innovative programs and to the development of a world-class campus in the Martis Valley.



+Impact School’s holistic approach to education involves much more than what happens in the classroom.

+Impact’s community of teachers, staff, parents, Board, organizations and experts empower students and provide them with a foundation of knowledge that allows them to engage with the larger community and to have a larger positive impact on the world.

Collaborative Partnerships

+Impact School has collaborated with hundreds of experts and organizations since the school’s inception.

The school has been honored to create this powerful community and network of experts and organizations who are willing to give back to their community by helping students take their learning deeper and to learn firsthand about the real world.

Stanford University
Summit Basecamp (including Facebook engineers)


Oracle Team USA
Box & Box.org


5 Gyres Institute
CA State Parks
International Migratory Bird Festival
Truckee Geodome / Four Season Growing
Turtle Island Restoration Project
UC Davis – Tahoe Environmental Research Center
Lake Tahoe Basin Land Management Unit
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Tahoe Institute of Natural Science
Tahoe Rim Trail Association


Boys and Girls Club in Kings Beach
Discovery Museum
Truckee Historical Society
Placer County Search and Rescue


Fallon Air Naval Station
Truckee Airport Association
Reno Planetarium
Space Science For Schools


Ice Axe Productions


Future Campus

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.47.20 PM

The new +Impact School in Truckee, California will be the flagship campus for +Impact Schools, a future network of schools combining today’s top ed-tech platforms for an education rooted in project-based learning, personalization and stewardship.


In The News / Blog

Our blog and media detail the work of our school. We highlight student work and and connect what they are doing with what’s happening in the world. Blog posts are written by teachers, staff and students and provide evidence for the positive impact the school has inside and outside the classroom walls.