+Impact School is a fully accredited, independent high school at Lake Tahoe, CA designed to give students the tools they need to flourish in college and beyond.

An independent school education can require a significant financial investment, but at +Impact School, we do our very best to make the school accessible through a generous financial aid program. Through the school’s commitment to need-based financial aid, we offer institutional grants and numerous payment plans to help you get the most from your investment.

SY 2017-18 Tuition

Tuition includes all trips and academic programs.
Additional fees may be charged for home to school bussing.
9th-12th Grade Tuition = $21,800

Tuition Assistance and Discounts

Our school is committed to providing equal access to as many qualified students as possible, as it is essential for both equity and diversity. We aspire to be a private school with a public purpose. Tuition Assistance is available and awarded based on need. As a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, +Impact School uses the School & Student Services portal by NAIS to determine need. To apply, please contact Taylor Simmers at admissions@impactschools.com and visit the SSS by NAIS portal.

There are a number of resources on the site, but to submit your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) you will click on the green area labeled “Complete Your PFS”. You will need the school’s SSS code. Our school’s code is 206016. There is a small fee associated with submitting a financial aid application, which supports this service.

Awards of financial aid will be determined by the Financial Assistance Committee, based on the “Estimated Family Contribution” and other factors (e.g. priority given to returning students; total budget; etc.). These awards can range, and we do have full scholarships available.

  • This year, 34% of TEA students receive some amount of tuition assistance.
  • TEA awards over $350,000 in tuition assistance annually.
  • Priority Tuition Assistance is given to existing students.
  • Priority Tuition Assistance for new families begins with the Regular Action Round of applicants. The Regular Action Round ends on March 1, 2017 . Priority Tuition Assistance is given to those students who submit a Refundable Reservation and are admitted in our Regular Action of applications, dependent upon availability.
  • Tuition Assitance forms, 2016 Tax Return information and a Parent Financial Statement is due  March 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST. Submit via the School & Student Services portal.
  • Tuition Assistance is not awarded during the Early Action Round.
  • Tuition Discounts for highly qualified incoming High School students are available.