+Impact School is a fully accredited, independent high school at Lake Tahoe, CA designed to give students the tools they need to flourish in college and beyond.

Move, Adapt, or Die: The Life and Times of a Syrian Refugee In the fall, the senior class of Tahoe Expedition Academy was asked to design a class service trip on their own. As a crew, they decided that with the turmoil in the Middle East and the refugee crisis in Europe, they would travel […]

Taylor explains in the podcast how the adolescent brain responds better when leaving its comfort zone and how their curriculum empowers students to reach their full potential while cultivating intellectual growth, character, and confidence.

Our college admissions and acceptances are growing every day with this senior class! The UC system is on a roll and showing us the love! UC Santa Cruz just accepted a few of our students and more decisions are on their way.

Our students are challenged with real-life problems. For this +Impact Study, students had to create a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that could monitor environmental concerns in aquatic ecosystems.

The Financial Times recently visited our school to investigate Silicon Valley’s role in bringing personalized learning to the forefront of education. We encourage you to read the complete article by clicking this link.  The article begins like a Robert Frost poem, which is understandable considering the journalist and photographer visited our campus in January. It continues […]

Education Dive, an education industry news site, intervied +Impact School’s CEO on the school’s unique building design.

You are invited to +Impact School’s Celebration of Learning Our “Celebration of Learning” is an opportunity for +Impact students to share their learning with the public at this open house-style event. Community members, prospective families and current families are encouraged to visit our school to experience the broad range of learning that is occurring throughout […]

YubaNet.com, a Northern California News Site, covers our new campus launch and associated fundraising.

+Impact Students recently traveled to the southwest to deepen their understanding of Indigenous cultures and the impact that manifest destiny had on them.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation. Your contributions allowed our students to have an even bigger +Impact on their mission to help the refugee population in Greece.