+Impact School is a fully accredited, independent high school at Lake Tahoe, CA designed to give students the tools they need to flourish in college and beyond.


Small class sizes allow for student voices to be heard, and students feel comfortable in their own skin. Individual expression is the norm, as is showing empathy and advocacy for others.

With weekly Community Meetings and daily interactions with Crews, students have opportunities to celebrate, share and grow together. Students also regularly head off campus to engage with the outside community, whether it be presenting work before lives audiences, going on a field study or meeting with experts. As much as anything else, this community engagement furthers your child’s education and enables them to gain real life experiences and lessons, teaching them how to be active participants and citizens in the world.


If your child is also an athlete, we continued to put together programs to fit their interests and to create an Athletic Program is to enrich their lives. Active participation in athletics teaches students the benefits of exercise and the importance of goal setting, fun and dedication. School character values taught in the classroom are further developed and strengthened through athletic participation. These and other indelible lessons gained through athletic involvement benefit students long after the season ends.
Athletics Include:

Mountain Biking (Boys and Girls, Fall). New in 2016!
Biathlon (Boys and Girls, Winter)
Lacrosse: Varsity and Junior Varsity (Boys and Girls, Spring). New in 2017!

Clubs And Extracurriculars

Clubs are driven by both school and student interest and provide incredible leadership and engagement opportunities for all students. To date, +Impact School Clubs have included: Student Council, Psychology Club, Literary Club, Model UN and STEAM Club.

After-school clubs and activities offer exciting chances for students to explore, have fun and get physically fit in the natural surroundings. You will find +Impact School students on the trails, rocks and mountains while hiking, climbing and biking in this world-class environment.

A Day In The Life

A day in the life of an +Impact School student is both personalized and engaging.

Each student experiences a mixture of personalized learning time, teacher instruction, project time, Crew and adventure. Each school week is designed to ensure students get the guidance, support and flex time they need to enjoy school, maximize time on site and learn something new every day.


  • Personalized Learning Time: With flexible schedules and meeting times, students learn how to take responsibility for their time, pace their own learning, accelerating as desired and work with teachers individually and small groups to deepen their understanding.
  • Math / Foreign Language Block: Research shows daily instruction in math and foreign language has the best results. Students are enrolled in the math and language classes that meet their ability and needs and are not necessarily grouped by grade level.
  • Core Block: Research shows 60 – 70 min classes are ideal length for core academic work. Core Block work includes the following classes: English, Science and Social Science, which are determined by each student’s grade level.
  • Deep Dive Projects: Weekly Deep Dive Projects give students the time and space to apply their core academics in meaningful, real-world ways. Core classes of math, foreign language, science, English and social science rotate through these Deep Dive Project blocks.
  • +Impact Study: These are semester-long projects encouraging intensive investigations in rigorous academic content areas of choice among student groups. Every student completes service learning and authentic final projects. Additionally, each student group conducts associated fieldwork aimed at informing collective final product designs that impact and improve the world at large.
    Enrichments: Students can choose their own paths of study for enrichment classes in art, music and computer science, all the while meeting the demands of college admissions.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 8:35 – 9:55am: Daily Math / Foreign Language Block
  • 9:55 – 10:05: Break and Snack
  • 10:05 – 11:10: Core Block
  • 11:10 – 12:15: Lunch & Crew and Mentor Meetings
  • 12:15 – 2:45 Deep Dive Projects (once per week)
  • 1:05 – 1:55pm: Personalized Learning Time
  • 1:55 – 2:45pm: Enrichment Classes and +Impact Study
    • Enrichment Classes: Students can choose their own paths of study for enrichment classes in art, music and computer science, which meet twice per week.
    • +Impact Study: Meet twice per week to deepen learning and work on the +Impact Study.

Annual Calendar

The school follows a traditional 36 week school year, starting in late August and finishing in mid-June, with camps and other programs offered during summer and school breaks.


Student Work

Our blog and media detail the work of our school. We highlight student work and and connect what they are doing with what’s happening in the world. Blog posts are written by teachers, staff and students and provide evidence for the positive impact the school has inside and outside the classroom walls.


Featured Student Video

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival Submission

Oceans of Inspiration by Aleese Holiday

Showcasing dozens of films from around the world, the 13th Annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival (SFIOFF) brings the power and mystery of the ocean to the beautiful San Francisco waterfront.